Books discussing the Lieder of specific composers

Johannes Brahms

The Songs of Johannes Brahms; Eric Sams (UK)

Eric Sams examines each of Johannes Brahms' 213 songs, translates the texts into English, and provides original commentary on points of musicological and literary detail. More information on the publisher's website.

A guide to the solo songs of Johannes Brahms; Lucien Stark (UK)

Hans Pfitzner

The Songs of Hans Pfitzner; Richard Mercier (UK)

The book discusses the songs individually with musical observations for singer and pianist as well as word-for-word translations and IPA symbols. There are also chapters on his choice of poets and some of his compositional traits.

Franz Schubert

The Schubert song companion; John Reed (UK)

A comprehensive guide, which gives factual information, prose translations, critical comment and interpretation on all of Schubert's Lieder.

Schubert und seine Lieder; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (in German)

Schubert's songs: a biographical study; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau

Schubert's Poets and the Making of Lieder; Susan Youens (UK)

Schubert: Critical and Analytical Studies; edited by Walter Frisch

This book contains several analytical essays on Schubert songs.

Distant cycles: Schubert and the Conceiving of Song; Richard Kramer (UK)

Richard Kramer looks at a large number of Schubert Lieder that he claims were originally conceived as parts of song cycles. He brings Schubert's original manuscripts into the discussion.

Schubert's Dramatic Lieder; Marjorie Wing Hirsch (UK)

Retracing a Winter's Journey - Schubert's Winterreise; Susan Youens (UK)

Susan Youens looks not only at Schubert's music but also at Wilhelm Müller's poetry.

Schubert: Die schöne Müllerin; Susan Youens (UK)

Robert Schumann

Robert Schumann Words and Music: The Vocal Compositions; Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau (UK)

The Songs of Robert Schumann; Eric Sams (UK)

Close readings of Schumann's 246 songs. An excellent prose translation, commentary and notes for each song, tracing original sources and relating recurring themes vividly to Schumanns's life.

Dichterliebe: An Authoritative Score; Arthur Komar (UK)

A study-size score of Dichterliebe and a comprehensive body of tools for the study of the work: historical background, analysis of the music, essays, selected bibliography.

Hugo Wolf

The Songs of Hugo Wolf; Eric Sams (UK)

Close readings of all of Wolf's songs. English translations are excellent and the backgrounds to the original poems are fully explored. Each song is dated, its keys identified and vocal range determined.

Hugo Wolf : The Vocal Music; Susan Youens (UK)

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